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by Martin

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If you own one of the snow blowers reviewed here or any other model, please enter a review of your own. You can do this as follows :

  • if we have already reviewed the model, go to the page for that model and leave your review in the comments section there; or
  • if you want to review a model we haven’t yet covered, leave your review in the comments section on this page.

We will take the best reviews entered and put them into a page of their own, with your byline.

We can build up an even more valuable resource for snow blower users by rating these machines according to consumers’ experiences. So, if you really like your machine or if you can’t stand it, let us know and tell us what your reasons are.

We know that the best feedback comes from regular users of a machine, not from one-off tests or manufacturers’ sales talk. That is why we want to include the experiences of our user-readers to help us give the most comprehensive snow blower coverage that we can.

So send in your review snow.

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{ 4 comments… read them below or add one }

g wilson

Just a message of thanks to you folks & all this snow blower experts out there who provided articles of (written & videos) on your ( their ) favorite snow blower by manufacturer, size, engine manufacturer, option(s), etc… As your articles & others kindly point the different types, sizes capabilities & other details one has to sort through (if one does one’s homework) can be rather overwelming .

I started my research with your site. 100’s of hours latter after visiting & studying readings as well as the videos ( provided by snow blower / thrower owners in Canada, the US, & Europe as well as those dealing with how to maintain, protect the investment, as well as how to employi safely); I find myself ending my research back @ your web site.

How detail was the study? 3 years of on line data; including the examination of the SCM providers with the manufacturers.

Who won ? Well you did nail the machine as a winner but not in this years write up. For my needs the winning machine was a 24 inch 2 stage with a 291 cc 14.5 lbs of torch equipped with 6 speeds forward & 2 reverse with the turning assist system.

Manufacturer? World Class, like the manufacturers of the 2 runner up models ( close clones) that were flagged to compete, but I will stay silent on who the wiiner was.

Reason? No can buy it , the winning models has last years specs.
Now that was an exercise, finding a new snow thrower which is no longer being made: the The 2011 – 2012’s? They changed the engine; went with a smaller power plant in mid 2011 with a lot less torch.

For your readers, n tip!
1. Do your research, find the winner, than hunt it down. Ohhh the tip? Old stock…why not chat it up. Buying a two stage @ the same price as single stage is not a capital offense, it also sounds far fetch until one banks the savings.

2. Do a prescreen of makes to flag the models/makes where the mfg takes no pride in workmanship

Oddity discovered? I noticed a lot of owners avoid the electric start & opt instead for the pull cord. Experiment time, and I did discover why the avoid the electric start.



Thanks for your great feedback.

I certainly agree with your tip about hunting down the model you want, especially if you can find old stock and strike a bargain. I like your style.

But, come on :), surely you have to let us in on the model you chose – and the runners up. I’d be really interested to hear what your conclusions were.

Don’t worry that they may be last year’s models. If you think these were winning machines I’d love to know what they are.

People may even be able to pick them up second on ebay or elsewhere.

Anyway, many thanks for taking the trouble to add your comments and I hope you get lots of years of untroubled use from your snow blower.


Mark D

I Have an Arien’s 7/24… 7 horse Tecumseh motor- 24 inch cut.. I bought it in 1990 and quickly found out newspapers from the local flash laying in the driveway don’t process well . But this little snow blower is a Machine .. I would blow my driveway 40ft then my neighbors 40ft then I would blow the sidewalk between us every time it snowed about 2 or more inches that was back since 1990 I now have a 400 ft driveway and am less eager to be so generous with my deed’s none the less I am Impressed in the performance of this little Monster and wouldn’t have done it any other way. Arien’s have a legacy for a reason.. “THEY KEEP GOING” I am now looking into a larger one (Too appease my Lust for long driveway’s) I am Going with Nothing Other than Arien’s … It’s a TOOL FOR MAN and Because of it I CAN. You can go with other brands but you’ll buy 2 in the time you use 1 Arien’s. So think before you Buy!



Thanks for your comments Mark.

I think a lot of people agree with you about Ariens snowblowers. Been running a poll on the home page here that puts Ariens ahead as the most popular brand.

You might find what you are looking for amongst these:

Ariens snow blowers


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