Yard Machine Snow Blowers: The 31A-2M1E700 21-Inch 123cc OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Single Stage Snow Thrower

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Looking for value? Give some thought to Yard Machine snow blowers for your snow clearing needs this winter.

When the weather is sunny, warm and beautiful, the thought of removing snow is the furthest thing from your mind. For most of the year, you see the shovel in your garage as a necessary contingency against the worst of what Mother Nature has to offer.

However, when the first big blizzard of winter hits, you probably wish you had something a bit more powerful than your trusty shovel.

If you find yourself longing for a more effective means of removing snow, a unit like the Yard Machines 31A-2M1E700 21-inch 123cc OHV 4-cycle gas powered single stage snow thrower can come in handy.

Features At A Glance

  • 123cc POWERMORE engine
  • 21 inch clearing width
  • 13 inch clearing depth
  • 30 feet maximum discharge distance
  • Recoil start

What Can It Do?

Snow removal is pretty easy with this little beast from Yard Machines. If you require a snow thrower to clear occasional snowfalls of up to a foot deep from your small driveway and walk, this model might be just what you are looking for.

Though it is made from the toughest components available, it is extremely light at under 100 pounds. This makes handling and all other aspects of operation and set up quite effortless.

Though it is not ideal for areas which receive deep and heavy snow, it is more than adequate for clearing small to average size snowfalls. The chute can throw snow up to 30 feet from the unit itself, and it is easily adjustable so that you never have to make more than one or two passes over an area. If you are accustomed to shoveling, this unit will allow you to cut your snow removal time by at least half.

Is It Easy To Use?

Because of its light weight, the 31A-2M1E700 is incredibly simple for most people to use.

Its POWERMORE engine is designed to start easily in the coldest weather, and the recoil starting mechanism is optimized so that you need only pull on the cord once or twice to get it going.

The auger assembly acts as a self-propulsion system, making maneuverability even more simple.

The machine takes up very little space, so it is terrific if your garage is cramped, and it requires no more than 15 minutes of assembly when taken out of its box.

What Safety Features Does It Have?

Most snow thrower related injuries have been caused by operators doing something foolish such as sticking their hands into the impeller assembly. Needless to say, doing this puts you in danger of coming into contact with potentially dangerous mechanisms.

Even though you are ultimately responsible for your safety as an operator, Yard Machines has built into this unit a safety feature that is designed to automatically shut the engine down in the event that your hands have left the controls. This effectively mitigates any potential danger.

Is It Worth Buying?

For about $350.00, it is difficult to find a better option for light to moderate snow removal.

Yard Machines is a brand known for its highly dependable outdoor power equipment, and their customer support is recognized as being some of the best in the industry.

If you require a machine capable of handling larger and heavier snowfalls, you should probably investigate a two stage snow blower, but if you simply require a dependable machine to assist you when shoveling will not do the job, the 31A-2M1E700 by Yard Machines is an outstanding value. For more information, you can visit the Yard Machines website or your local dealer.

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