John Deere Snowblowers: The 1330SE Dual-Stage Snowthrower

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As people seem to be requiring bigger machines to remove larger amounts of snow, many are turning to premium brands like John Deere snowblowers for their power equipment needs.

If you are in the market for a new machine to help you clear the snow from your drive, walk, or patio, then you should take a look at the company’s machines.

In the middle of the lineup is this model, the John Deere 1330SE Dual-Stage Snowthrower .

Features at a glance

  • 342cc Briggs and Stratton Professional Series engine
  • 30 inch clearing width
  • 21 inch clearing height
  • Discharge distance up to 40 feet
  • Friction disk transmission
  • Electric start

What is this snow thrower best for?

The 1330SE from John Deere is designed to handle the harshest winter conditions. It is best suited for moderate to heavy amounts of snowfall, so if you live in an area that receives relentless winter blizzards, this machine will get you cleared out quickly thanks to its 30 inch clearing width and 21 inch clearing depth.

Ideally, this machine is made to remove snow from medium to large size driveways and walks. It is big enough to handle just about any job, but its size might make it difficult to store if you do not have adequate space in your garage or shed.

How is this snow thrower powered?

16.5 foot-pounds of gross torque power are supplied to the self-propelled friction disk transmission and to the auger system by a Professional Series Briggs and Stratton engine. There is an easy to use throttle control system, a flexible oil drain and even a platinum spark plug.

Gas is kept fresh in the 4 quart tank via the Fresh Start® fuel cap. There is also a fuel shut off on the engine

The 342cc Briggs is able to supply more than enough power for most snow removal applications. It is able to move you along in one of 8 different selectable speeds (6 forward, 2 reverse), all while rotating the auger and impeller system efficiently and enabling snow to be thrown out of the large steel chute at distances of up to 40 feet.

This Deere also boasts a cast iron gear case, a heavy duty auger housing and a large (14 inch) steel serrated auger.

How easy is it to use?

While this machine’s size could be be intimidating, it is actually quite simple to operate.

Starting is simple and effective with the engine’s 110V electric start system (electrical cord included). The dual headlights make low-light or night time operation possible.

The machine also includes the Deere’s Easy Steer drive system that makes handling a breeze, as well as the impressive electrically controlled chute and deflector controls, which allow you to move the chute in any direction in a 200 degree radius.

Drift cutters are standard, and the 1330E also features single-hand control, so you can adjust the chute or speed controls on the fly.

Traction is is greatly assisted by the 16 inch x 6.5 inch X-Trac Tires.

What safety features does it have?

Though the all steel chute features an open design that prevents most clogs, the chute can sometimes become clogged with snow and ice. Removing such clogs is often the reason for the many snow thrower injuries which happen every winter.

While you should always use common sense when operating outdoor power equipment, John Deere has also implemented a safety feature that is designed to kill the engine and stop all moving parts whenever the user’s hands are removed from the controls.

Is it worth buying?

If you need a snow thrower that is a bit bigger than most compact models, but not too big to maneuver or store, then the John Deere 1330SE is probably a terrific choice for your needs. It is made to last for years, and to do its job without hassles.

Though the asking price of around $1,500 might be prohibitive to some, it is worth it for genuine John Deere quality.

Please remember that from 2012 onwards John Deere will no longer be selling walk behind snow blowers and snow throwers, including this one. However, They will continue to service and support all units sold beforehand through their dealership network.

If, because of this you’d prefer something from outside the John Deere snowblowers range, Snapper or Ariens snow blowers are good alternatives.

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