The Toro Snow Thrower Power Clear 418 ZE 87cc (18 inch) ES 38282

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Interested in a Toro Snow Thrower?

If you are looking for a proven quality single stage snow thrower, perhaps it is time to investigate the purchase of a machine like the Toro snow thrower Power Clear 418 ZE 87cc (18 inch) ES #38282.

It is a powerful, lightweight, single stage unit that can cut your snow clearing time by at least half.

Features at a glance

  • 87cc engine
  • 18 inch clearing width
  • 10 inch clearing depth
  • Up to 25 feet discharge distance
  • Electric start

So, what can this Toro snow thrower do?

This powerful little machine packs quite a punch. It is ideal for clearing snow from driveways large enough to fit about four automobiles and it ideally tackles snow that is less than about 9 inches deep.

It is powered by an 87cc OHV Toro Premium 4-cycle engine which is designed for reliability and performance.

Though it may seem outrageous, this machine has an amazing capacity to throw up to 1100 pounds of snow per minute. This is aided by the chute mechanism which allows the machine to throw snow at a distance of up to 25′.

It has Toro’s ‘Power Curve’ technology which involves a curved rotor which shifts snow quickly and an inverted funnel housing that prevents clogging.

Toro snow thrower: 'Power Curve' system

Toro snow thrower: 'Power Curve' system

It is very light, which makes it ideal for users who are not big and brawny, and its small size makes it very easy to fit into even the smallest storage areas.

If you live in an area which routinely receives large amounts of snow, you will probably need a two stage snow blower because this unit will probably be inadequate (unless you get clearing before the deep drifts accumulate).

But if you simply need a machine that you can keep hidden in your garage until you get 6 inches or so of snow, the 418 ZE features the ideal size and power to get the job done.

Is it easy to use?

The electric start means that you can get clearing effortlessly and, though it is made from heavy-duty and sturdy materials, this machine only weighs about 60 pounds, which makes it incredibly simple to operate and maneuver.

While some snow throwers have trouble getting around corners or up onto decks and landings, this model is extremely portable. You can effortlessly lift it into the back of a truck or even the trunk of most automobiles if you need to help out a friend or family member with his or her snow removal.

It is basically self-propelled; the auger assembly features a rubberized paddle which is designed to help you move the machine forward and means that you can clear right down to the pavement.

The chute is easy to adjust and it can be operated without removing both hands from the controls.

It even folds up for easy storage. Stored dimensions are 21 inches high by 23 inches wide x 28 inches long.

What safety features does it have?

Every winter, newspapers and television stations report on injuries caused by careless snow thrower use. The major safety feature in any snow clearing device is the operator’s sense of well-being. Only you can operate the snow thrower in a safe and effective manner, but that does not mean that the machine should be inherently dangerous.

So, Toro has made sure that this machine is as safe as possible by installing a mechanism which shuts off the engine as soon as your hands leave the controls. This ensures that the engine cannot run in the event that you need to remove a clog or inspect the impeller for any other reason.

Is it worth buying?

As it is often on on special offer at about $400.00, you can own one of these highly dependable little snow throwing machines without too much outlay. This makes it a terrific value if you merely require a unit to clear you out of 6 inches or so of snow. Don’t buy this machine expecting to routinely clear several feet of heavy snow – you will be disappointed.

This is a wonderful model made by one of the most reputable companies in the industry and it is great for its intended job. If you have grown weary of shoveling, you should take a serious look at this Toro snow thrower, the Power Clear 418 ZE.

Buy now at Amazon

BUY the Toro snow thrower Power Clear 418 ZE 87cc (18 inch) ES #38282 now at Amazon.

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