John Deere Snowblower 1338PE Professional

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The 1338PE Professional John Deere snowblower is one of the company’s biggest and most powerful walk-behind snow removal machines.

It features legendary John Deere quality and many excellent features that make it easy to use in spite of its size. If you need a big-time snow thrower for big-time jobs, then you should take a serious look at the 1338PE.

Features at a glance

  • 342cc Briggs and Stratton Professional Series engine
  • 38 inch clearing width
  • 21 inch clearing depth
  • Discharge distance up to 40 feet
  • Friction disk drive
  • Electric start

What is this John Deere snowblower best for?

The 1338PE by John Deere is made to handle commercial applications and it is designed to clear large amounts of snow quickly. It has a heavy duty reinforced frame and auger housing and an extra large steel discharge chute, all of which ensures that it can meet the most demanding jobs it is faced with and operate at the highest capacity possible.

The 38 inch clearing width allows you to clear a sidewalk in a single pass, and the 21 inch intake height is designed to allow you to pull in deep laying snow.

This machine is large and heavy, so it may not be best if you have limited storage space, or if you are of slighter build. But, it is made to handle the toughest jobs in the harshest conditions, and the John Deere name means that it is built to a very high standard.

How is this snow thrower powered?

The engine on this machine is quite a workhorse.

It is made by legendary small engine maker Briggs and Stratton, and it is part of that company’s Professional Series. Its displacement is 342cc and it produces 16.5 foot-pounds of gross torque.

This power house engine drives the friction disk drive, which features 6 speeds going forward and 2 for operating the machine in reverse.

All that power is delivererd to a 14 inch serrated steel auger, which can cut through had packed ice and pull the snow into the heavy-duty impeller.

The impeller propels the snow into the all steel chute and throws the snow up to 40 feet away.

How easy is it to use?

Even though the 1338PE is massive, it is remarkably easy to operate thanks to its well-balanced design and self-propelled transmission. It also includes John Deere’s Quick Turn system.

The Quick Turn system lets you lock one wheel with a simple squeeze of a trigger. This allows the other wheel to turn. If you have ever had trouble maneuvering a large snow blower, you will understand the value of this special feature.

The machine also comes standard with single-hand operation, electric start, dual halogen headlights, heavy-duty skid shoes, and drift cutters.

The chute is tremendously simple to operate by using the dash-mounted controls, which allow you to turn the chute assembly within a radius of 200 degrees.

What safety features does it have?

Because John Deere takes safety seriously, this unit is equipped with a mechanism that shuts the engine and all moving parts down in the event that your hands are removed from the controls.

Is it worth buying?

John Deere products are usually more expensive than similar products from other brands. This is partly due to the reputation of the John Deere name, but also due to the fact the the machines made by the classic American company are among the best in the business.

If you need a tough, and efficient snow clearer for your commercial property or home, the 1338PE is a great value at approximately $2,700.

Don’t forget that from 2012 John Deere will cease marketing walk behind snow blowers and snow throwers, including this one. All units sold beforehand will still be supported by Deere’s dealerships.

If, in the light of this you’d rather not go for a John Deere Snowblower, Snapper or Ariens snow blowers represent impressive alternatives.

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