Yardman Snowblower 31AM63LF701 26-Inch 208cc Gas Powered Two Stage Self Propelled Snow Thrower With Electric Start

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You might be well advised to consider a Yardman snowblower this winter instead of hiring a plow service or putting your back in danger by shoveling.

If you have ever found yourself envious of your neighbor and his or her snow thrower when big blizzards hit, you might be served well by having a machine of your own.

By owning a decent snow removal machine, you can take care of massive amounts of snow at a time without worrying about straining yourself.

Modern machines are made to be powerful, easy to use, and very safe, unlike the beast-like snow throwers from the past. If you are ready for a change in how you clear snow, the Yard-Man 31AM63LF701 26-Inch 208cc gas powered two stage self propelled snow thrower with electric start may be the answer. It is a good unit for those who are new to snow throwers, but it is powerful enough to handle the effects of some of the worst winter storms.

Features at a glance

  • 208cc , 6 Hp Yard-Man POWERMORE engine
  • 26 inch clearing width
  • 21 inch clearing height
  • Discharge distance of over 30 feet
  • Self-propelled drive with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds
  • Electric start

What can it do?

This snow thrower is outstanding for areas that receive moderate amounts of snow. Whether Mother Nature has decided to dust your drive with just a few inches, or she has angrily dumped twenty inches, this Yard-Man should be up to the challenge.

Its 26 inch clearing width means you can cover the ground quickly and its 21 inch clearing height makes it possible for the machine to process snow almost two feet deep.

While not as heavily built as some other models with similar specifications, this unit is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

The chute is designed to propel snow far from the unit, and it is also made from material that prevents clogs from occurring. With its 200 degree turning radius, the chute’s adjustability is nearly infinite.

Is it easy to use?

Starting this machine’s Yard-Man designed POWERMORE engine is simple with electric start. Plug the unit into a conventional electrical outlet and let the utility provide the starting power. For situations in which electricity is not available, the unit also includes a trouble-free recoil starting mechanism, as well.

You can ensure that you are traveling at the right speed by selecting one of the six forward or two reverse speeds offered by the transmission. Slower speeds are ideal for deep, heavy snow, while faster speeds allow you to get back to the garage when the job is done.

Headlights are included so you can clear snow effortlessly on the darkest days or nights, and the 15 inch Snow-Hog tires ensure that you will always have optimal traction on even the slickest of surfaces.

The chute direction is controlled by a handy 4-way joy-stick on the control panel.

Though some assembly is required for the handles and control panel, it should take no longer than 15 to 30 minutes.

What safety features does it have?

Although there are numerous incidences every year involving snow thrower related injuries, it is pretty hard to get hurt while operating the Yard-Man 31AM63LF701.

Like most modern snow throwers, this model features a failsafe that prevents operation when no one is at the controls. It also uses shear pins, which are designed to fail in the event that the auger becomes jammed. This prevents damage to you and the machine if the auger becomes overloaded.

Is it worth buying?

For approximately $850.00, this Yard-Man snow thrower is a terrific value for its size and features. Reviews online are overwhelmingly positive, and the negative notices tend to be based on factors not related to the actual machine itself.

If you are in the market for a new snow thrower to help you keep up with Mother Nature and the Joneses, this is probably a very good model to start with.

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