Yardman snow blowers: The 31AH65LG701 28-Inch 357cc Two Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

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Yardman Snow blowers are produced by MTD, a company that has been producing outdoor power equipment for nearly eighty years.

The company is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and along with its lawn mowers and leaf blowers, it is also responsible for building impressive snow removal machines under its own brand names, and also for other manufacturers.

The company’s Yard-Man line is known for dependability, value, and long term durability, and the Yard-Man 31AH65LG701 28-Inch 357cc gas powered two stage self propelled snow thrower with electric startexemplifies these characteristics.

Features at a glance

  • 357cc POWERMORE OHV engine
  • 28 inch clearing width
  • 21 inch clearing depth
  • Discharge distance of over 30 feet
  • Self-propelled transmission
  • Electric Start

What can this Yardman snow blower do?

Clearing large driveways and long walks is a breeze with this machine, one of the largest Yardman snow blowers.

It is designed to be able to remove moderate to heavy amounts of snow, and it is built to take all the abuse mother nature can give it. If you need a larger snow thrower at a value price, you could look no further than this model and be completely satisfied with your choice. Its construction may not seem to be completely solid because of the presence of some polyethylene components, but these parts are tough and make the machine lightweight and maneuverable.

It has a powerful POWERMORE 357cc engine that drives the machine comfortably through its six forward and two reverse speeds and is specifically engineered to give you the most power and performance possible at this price point. The 28 inch clearing width and the 21 inch intake height ensure that this Yardman can deal comfortably with a thick layer of snow in quick time.

Is it easy to use?

Because of the machine’s light weight and self-propelled transmission, the 31AH65LG701 offers you almost effortless maneuverability. It is easy to steer and does not call for a strong man to handle it. The 16 inch SnowHog tires grip terrain with maximum hold so there is no slipping or sliding.

The unit’s electric start function allows you to easily fire it up by plugging the engine into a normal 120V outlet. Other features that enhance this machine’s usability include a powerful headlight, and its muscular two stage snow propulsion system.

What safety features does it have?

Outdoor power equipment comes with a built-in amount of inherent danger due to the nature of the machinery.

Snow throwers include a number of potentially dangerous moving parts such as the auger and impeller, which take in and then throw the snow, respectively. Because so many possible injuries can occur, Yard-Man has taken steps to ensure that this machine is operated as safely as possible. The most important safety feature is an auto-kill function that immediately stops the engine as soon as the operator removes him or herself from the controls.

Another important feature is the use of shear pins in the auger system which break on purpose when the system gets jammed. These pins are inexpensive and simple to replace, and they break so your expensive machine does not have to.

Is it worth buying?

The Yardman snow blowers 31AH65LG701 is good value if you are looking for a powerful snow removal machine within a strict budget.

For about $1000.00, you would be hard-pressed to find another machine that includes the features that this model does. Other machines may promise to do the work that this one is capable of, but they are far more expensive.

Buy now at Amazon

BUY the Yard-Man 31AH65LG701 28-Inch 357cc Gas Powered Two Stage Self Propelled Snow Thrower With Electric Start now at Amazon.

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