Husqvarna snow throwers: the 924HV 24-Inch 208cc SnowKing two stage snow thrower with electric start

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Though Husqvarna might primarily be known around the world for their excellent line of chainsaws, the Swedish company is also responsible for producing some of the finest snow throwers on the planet.

Amongst Husqvarna snow throwers, the Husqvarna 924HV 24-Inch 208cc SnowKing Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Thrower With Electric Start is one of the company’s entry-level two stage snow throwers. It’s a great choice if you are looking for a tough and dependable snow clearing machine that is also compact enough to fit comfortably in your garage.

Features At A Glance

  • 208cc 9 pound/foot gross torque SnowKing engine
  • 24 inch clearing width
  • 23 inch clearing depth
  • 30 feet discharge distance
  • Dependable chain drive transmission
  • Electric start

What Can It Do?

For its size, this snow thrower handles the tough winter snow conditions with great ease.

It is designed to be able to clear small to mid sized driveways and walks, and it can handle nearly two feet of snow. Although it will not clear snow as quickly as a 27 inch or wider model, this machine benefits from its compactness in that it is easy to store and maneuver.

Its all metal construction and powder coated frame mean that it is built to last and its powerful auger and impeller machinery ensures that even the most densely packed snow gets cleared with a minimum of effort on your part.

The chute mechanism features a 180 degree turning radius for maximum control, plus it can be adjusted remotely so you never have to take your eyes off the job.

Is It Easy To Use?

Husqvarna has engineered the 924HV to be as easy to operate as possible.

It is well-balanced, and its compact size means that maneuvering it is simple. Control of the snow thrower is aided considerably by the machine’s six forward, and two reverse speed settings.

The unit’s electric start feature allows you to plug it into a standard 120V outlet for starting power, so you never have to worry about draining a battery on a cold, wintry morning.

The SnowKing engine is designed specifically for cold weather and snowy conditions, and is as powerful as any in its class. Additionally, this Husky comes standard with an illuminating in-dash floodlight making snow removal possible day or night, while its 16 inch by 5 inch tires keep the machine nice and stable.

What Safety Features Does It Have?

If you have never operated a gas-powered snow thrower before, you might be justifiably wary of the machine’s safety. Numerous snow thrower related accidents happen every year, but they usually involve users foolishly sticking their limbs into their older machine’s auger to remove clogs.

Modern designs do not allow you to engage in such risky activity since most snow throwers, including the 924HV, feature a failsafe that prevents the machine from operating if at least one of your hands is not on the controls. Regardless, if you feel the need to manually remove clogs, you should always use the right implement, even if the machine is safely shut off.

Is It Worth Buying?

For about $800.00, the Husqvarna 924HV 24-Inch 208cc SnowKing gas powered two stage snow thrower with electric start is a good value. It is made by one of the most reputable brands in the industry and it includes plenty of valuable features that will make snow removal easier for many years.

A drift cutter and weight bar are available as optional extras. You might be well advised to get the weight bar if you think you are going to need the machine cut into hard packed snow.

This unit is a good choice if you want to enter the realm of two stage Husqvarna snow throwers on a budget, though if you can stretch to another couple of hundered dollars more, you’ll get a 27 inch machine that will get the job done more quickly.

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