Yard Machine snow thrower – the 21-Inch 123cc single stage snow thrower by Yard Machines

by Martin

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This Yard Machine snow thrower, Model number 31A-2M1A700 is one of the smaller models in the Yard Machines range. It is a single stage model with a 123cc OHV 4-cycle engine and suitable for small to medium size driveways and snow up to about 6-8 inches deep.

Features at a glance

  • 123cc OHV 4 cycle gasoline engine
  • Clearing width 21 inches
  • Clearing depth 10 inches
  • single stage
  • 180 degree chute rotation
  • Recoil start

What can it do?

This is a Yard Machine snow thrower that is suited to relatively small jobs, such as paths, sidewalks, small driveways and small to medium sized properties.

It has a 123cc four stroke engine, so no 50:1 oil and gas mixes are necessary.

It has a 21 inch clearing width and a 10 inch intake height, so is recommended by Yard Machines for light to moderate snow.

It has small 5 inch chute made of hard polymer, so there is no chance of it freezing up or rusting. The chute is also designed for easy adjustment and to resist clogging, although some users complain that the chute does clog at times. This may be a response to use in heavier snow than it is designed for, since many other users have no complaints in this area.

It has auger assisted drive and a replaceable (and reversible) scraper blade. It starts by a recoil system with a large ‘glove-friendly’ handle.

Is it worth buying

This is actually not a bad product for the price.

MTD-Yard Machines products are not always reliable and there are some that I wouldn’t recommend. But those are mainly the more complex machines where there is more to go wrong.

This Yard Machine snow thrower is pretty basic, with a simple belt drive system and that is probably what makes it worth considering.

Most owners are pretty complimentary about it and where there are complaints (e.g. on Amazon and elsewhere) most seem to be explainable by poor use of the machine. For example, if you want to make sure that it doesn’t leave a trail of uncleared snow behind you make sure you push it forward so that the auger contacts the ground as it spins.

But bear in mind that this is a small, single stage and relatively low-powered Yard Machine snow thrower.

Those factors mean it will never tunnel through man-high snow drifts and send an arc of snow into the next county.

But, if you are faced with moderate snow conditions and you are looking to clear relatively small areas, you might find that this is a good buy at around $350.

Buy now at Amazon

BUY the Yard Machines 31A-2M1A700 21-Inch 123cc OHV 4-Cycle single stage snow thrower
now at Amazon.

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