Yard Machine snow blower – the 22-inch 179 cc two-stage snow blower by Yard Machines

by Martin

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This Yard Machine snow blower (model number 31A-32AD700) is for small to medium size areas and places where snowfall is no more than moderate.

It is an economical snow blower – priced very competitively within the two stage market.

But … owner reviews of this model are mixed, so read on and see what the problems are.

Features at glance

  • 179cc OHV 4 cycle gasoline engine
  • Clearing width 22 inch
  • Clearing depth 16 inch
  • Suitable for unpaved and gravel areas
  • Two stage
  • Anti clog discharge chute

What is this Yard Machine snow blower good for?

This machine is mainly good for small to medium sized properties. Its 22 inch clearing width and (quite generous) 16 inch intake height provide the means for clearing snow around 18 inches deep.

You can use it on unpaved and uneven or gravel surfaces.

Is it easy to use?

The 31A-32AD700 Yard Machine snow blower has a 179cc 4 stroke Powermore engine that requires no mixing of oil and gas.

It has a polymer discharge chute that is supposed to be clog resistant and rotates thru 180 degrees.

It has a pretty sturdy build and and features a recoil start with mitten grip handles (i.e. you can keep your gloves on!).

It has 10 inch x 4 inch groundhog tires and skid shoes that are fitted as standard. Its hefty 9 inch heavy duty steel serrated auger and 10 inch impeller take care of the snow dispersal. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Is it worth buying?

This is is probably what you might call a 3 star (out of 5) unit.

It is relatively cheap (around $600) and has a reasonable specification for that price.

Most owners report that when it is operating it does so efficiently and works through most kinds of snow, including deep drifts and dense packed snow, pretty well. Although its performance with wet snow is not so great.

The downside, though, seems to be reliability.

A fair proportion of owners complain of this snow blower breaking down – sometimes for relative minor reasons, such as broken belts, but sometimes because of bigger problems such as gear box breakdowns.

What’s more, according to various owners quoted on Amazon.com, MTD Yard-Machines’ customer service doesn’t always reflect well on the company either.

Is it recommended?

Not especially. You could take a chance with one of these and, bearing in mind its price and if you are fortunate with breakdowns, you’d do okay.

Would I buy one?

Probably not.

What are the alternatives?

Oddly enough, Yard Machines’ 31AS62EE700 24 inch , 179cc model does not get anything like such a bad rap from its owners as this 22 inch model. Make of that what you will.

Personally, assuming that we are trying to stay in the same ball-park as far as price and size is concerned, I think I’d either:

If you are interested in it, this Yard Machine snow blower (model number 31A-32AD700) is available at Amazon.

Yard Machine 31A-32AD700 snow blower specification

Assembled Depth 35 inches
Assembled Height 29 inches
Assembled Width 25 inches
Auger diameter 9 inches
Chute rotation turning radius 180 degrees
Clearing tool included Yes
Clearing Width 22 inches
Drift cutters No
Drive System Wheel
Engine type Yard Machines OHV 179cc
Headlight No
Heated handles No
Intake height (in.) 16 inches
Weight 120lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 2yr limited
Snow cut depth 1 pass 10 inches
Start type Recoil
Tire height 10 inches
Tire width 4 inches

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