Honda snow blowers – are these the dream machines?

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Honda’s ‘power of dreams’ may have you dreaming of snow all year round

If you have decided to invest in a new snow clearer this year (and I don’t mean a new husband or wife), then the range of Honda snow blowers and snow throwers is worth looking at, as it is amongst the best and most comprehensive on the market.

Our Honda snow blower reviews will help you find the most suitable of the Honda snow blowers for your needs. This overview will give you a heads up on the whole Honda snow blowers and throwers product range.

Honda – the company

Honda is a class act and whatever the company turns its hand to usually rates highly in consumer reviews.

Indeed, Honda’s reputation in manufacturing industry is closely associated with reliability and longevity. Honda has been in business for over 60 years and is well known for its own brand of trucks, automobiles, motor cycles and garden equipment.

Honda engines

Honda is also the largest producer of internal combustion engines in the world – manufacturing around 14 million engines a year. These engines are used in a lot of other brands of outdoor power products and it tells you something about the quality of the build when other manufactures trust Honda to power their products.

Honda snow blowers and snow throwers feature Honda’s well respected overhead cam (OHC) and overhead valve (OHV), four cycle commercial grade engines.

The OHV configuration means that these engines are more fuel efficient than side valve engines (up to 30% less fuel may be used), whilst overall these engines are recognized for their smooth running, quietness and reliable efficiency.

The Honda snow blowers range

Honda snow blowers are certainly not the cheapest on the market but they are built to last, which is why they can be considered to be money well spent – an investment even.

Honda has one of the most stringent quality assurance and quality control programs in the business. So, you are paying for quality and reliability and a safety record that is second to none.

That said, Honda was forced to recall a number of machines in early 2011, due to a fuel pipe problem. Still, at least they did the right thing and put the problem right.

Honda snow throwers boast a number of high spec technological features – for example, the hydrostatic transmission and track drive technologies provide great control in all weather and conditions.

Honda snow blowers come in two product types – single and two stage gas powered machines.

The single stage snow blower will handle high volumes of light snow and should be used on a level solid or paved surface.

The single stage Honda snow blowers employ an auger that is rubber tipped and scrapes snow and gravel off the ground. These models are not suitable for gravel driveways, because your snow thrower may become a ‘stone-thrower’ which is potentially hazardous. The single stage will clear snow to depths of 12 inches.

The machines in the two stage Honda snowblower range employ a slow turning steel auger that draws in snow which is then thrown from the chute through a fast spin impeller. This range clears snow of up to 30” wide.

All Hondas feature automatic decompression as standard, a boon in extreme weather. There is also hydrostatic transmission that adjusts the speed over the ground independent of its auger rpm rotation speed. The throttle, chute adjustment and transmission are operated from a single control panel.

All models except the lightweight HS520 series are available with high-traction dual-track drive.

Honda snow throwers – the HS520 Series

This range of lightweight machines use the easy start 4-stroke overhead cam engin and are self propelled, through the action of the auger. The HS520AS weighs in at 88lbs and has an electric 120 volt starter. The HS520A has a manual start and weighs 78lbs. Both will clear a 20” wide swathe, and will clear an impressive 55 tons of the white stuff every hour throwing a distance of 25ft.

Honda snow throwers HS520

Honda HS520 series single stage snow thrower

HS724 Series

This impressive range of two stage Honda snowblowers clears from 45 to 55 tons per hour at a clearing width of 2ft and a depth of 16 inches. Both models throw snow a distance of 45ft. They use a fuel efficient 200cc overhead valve engine. There is a choice of self propelled and dual track drive train and a bi-directional chute offering a range of up to 70° vertical and 210° horizontal. Auger height can be adjusted by pedal.

Honda HS724 snow blower
Honda HS724 snow blower

HS928 Series

There are four model variations in this line. They feature both a wheel or track option and are powered by an 8.5hp 270cc OHV engine with a hydrostatic clutch and drive system.

These snow blowers have a chute turning radius of 210 deg. They have a 28” clearing width to a depth of 20”, and can discharge snow a distance of 49ft at a rate of 55 tons per hour. There is an adjustable snow deflector.

Honda 928 Series Snow Blowers - 928WA

Honda HS928 Series snow blower

HS1132 Series

These large two stage snow blowers are capable of discharge a huge amount of snow and employ serrated augers that have a height adjustment feature. They can clear a 32 inch wide tranche of snow at a depth of 20 inches and discharge 70 tons of snow per hour at a distance of 56ft . There is a powerful 11hp 337cc OHV engine with both electric or recoil start options.

Honda HS1132TA snow blowers

Honda HS1132 Series snow blower


You’ll do well to find better machines than this range of Honda snow blowers. If your budget stretches to it or you give in to your dreams, you’ll be buying reliability, capability and quality when you invest in one of these machines.


Model Ref HP Cc Starter Chute turn radius Clearing Width (ins) Clearing height (ins) Disch. distance (ft) Disch. Vol (Tons/Hr)
HS520A 5 160 Recoil 220 20 12 26 55
HS520AS 5 160 Electric 220 20 12 26 55
HS724WA 7 196 Recoil 210 24 16 46 45
HS724TA 7 196 Recoil 210 24 16 46 50
HS928WA 9 270 Recoil 210 28 20 49 55
HS928WAS 9 270 Electric 210 28 20 49 55
HS928TA 9 270 Recoil 210 28 20 49 55
HS928TAS 9 270 Electric 210 28 20 49 55
HS1132TA 11 337 Recoil 210 32 20 56 70
HS1132TAS 11 337 Electric 210 32 20 56 70

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