Toro Snow Blowers and Throwers – a Bullish Appraisal

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Toro snow blowers are undoubtedly amongst the best available, so it is to the consumer’s advantage that there are Toro snow blowers and Toro snow throwers for every kind of domestic and commercial situation.

The Toro company

The Toro Company has been trading since 1914 and has been manufacturing snow blowers for over 50 years. So it has nearly a century of experience and product development knowledge and its reputation as a manufacturer of outdoor power equipment is virtually unsurpassed.

Toro offers an excellent warranty program and has an extensive dealership network, so Toro snow blower parts are freely available. Buying the Toro snow blower brand pretty much ensures quality and reliability.

The Toro snow blowers range

Toro snow blowers come in three categories:

  • Electric
  • Single Stage gas powered
  • Two stage gas powered

Overall Toro’s models are built to last and Toro snow blowers are a top class and dependable product. The smallest of the Toro snow throwers is the Power Shovel – very affordable and easy to use for light snow clearing.

The Toro Power Curve models are walk behind electric snow throwers, easy to use, manoeverable and efficient.

Toro’s single snow stage throwers boast a highly efficient gas engine and are ideal for properties of average size. The Power Clear range consists of affordable compact and easy to operate units.

Toro also has a range of two stage gas-powered machines with wide clearing paths for heavy duty use, that can also tackle slopes and rough terrain.

The PowerMax range tops the bill with technological advances such as its heavy duty auger system, expanded chute with ‘quick stick’ control for easy operation, pivotal scraper and ‘freewheel’ steering for easy maneuverability.

Toro electric snow blowers

You can choose a Toro electric snow blower from the following two models:

Toro 12 inch Power Shovel

The Toro Power shovel is suitable for small area and clears a 12 inch path. It can handle 300lbs of snow per minute, blowing up to 20ft away. It is very economical to use, relatively maintenance free and is available for under a $100.00.

Toro 1800 Power Curve

Toro’s most popular model, this electric snow thrower moves snow quickly and with ease. It can clear a path 18 inches wide, to a depth of 12 inches. With an electric start and its power curve technology, it is well priced at around $300.00.

Power Curve 1800 Toro electric snow blower
the Toro Power Curve 1800

Toro Snow Blowers: Single Stage

Toro CCR Power Lite 325

Lightweight at 40lbs and compact but powerful. It has the Power Curve system which eliminates clogging. It will move a large amount of snow efficiently, cleaning down to ground level effortlessly.

Toro CCR2450 GTS

Features the R*Tek gasoline engine. Toro guarantees this 141cc power plant will start with either one or two pulls for a 5 year period, so confident are they of its quality. It also features toro’s Power Curve system.

Toro Power Clear 180

This Toro Power Clear 180 (18″) 87cc Single-Stage Snow Blower – 38272Power Clear model is a recoil start snow blower with power curve technology. It is very lightweight and powerful with a positive lock-zip deflector giving the user many options for snow throwing. It is competitively priced at $360.00.

Toro Power Clear 210

Incorporates power curve technology and a self propelled drive system. It features the R*Tek engine. It clears 21î of snow to a distance of 30ft. It comes with a 2 year warranty. A powerful machine at $560.00.

Toro Power Clear 221

Also features its R*Tek engine with a built in 5 year guarantee against non start within 2 pulls. This 38584 – Toro Power Clear 221QE (21″) 141cc Electric Start Single-StagePower Clear model has rubber paddles that scrape down to the ground, clearing snow and ice while moving the snow blower forward.

Toro CCR 2450 GTS

This is a single stage snow blower with a 12 inch impeller that clears a path of up to 20î wide. It has six forward and two reverse gears. The advantage of multiple gearing is being able to change down on sloping surfaces and in difficult conditions. Priced at $610

Toro Power Clear 221Q

Has recoil start and a self-propel system with heavy-duty rotor. Incorporates a positive lock zip deflector to throw snow in any direction. Many features for only $620.00.

Toro Power Clear 221QE

Has electric Start but otherwise the same specification as the 221Q recoil Start. The electric starts adds $100 to the price but is still good value at $720.00.

Toro Power Clear 418 ZE

The Toro Power Clear 418 ZE has an 87cc and 18 inch clearing width. It has a 10 inch clearing depth and electric start. Throws snow 25 feet. Will set you back around $400.

Toro snow thrower Power Clear 418ZE-38282

The Toro Snow Thrower Power Clear 418 ZE

Toro Power Clear 421Q

This has a similar specification to the 221Q but a more powerful engine. Featuring an electric start, the power drive system effectively self propels this machine through its paddles contacting the ground, clearing snow down to ground level. Priced at $820.00.

Toro Snow Blowers: Two Stage

Toro Power Throw 722E

New in 2010. Has a 205cc Briggs and Stratton OHV 4-Cycle Engine, clears a width of 22 inches and throws snow up to 30 feet. Capable of dealing with 1,800 lbs of snow per minute. Retails at just under $1,000.

Toro Power Max 726 OE

New for 2010. Features the Power Max auger system which reduces clogging. It has a powerful Briggs and Stratton 4-cycle OHV engine. All controls can be accessed one handed. This is a lot of technology for $1,000.00

Toro snow blowers Toro power max 726OE
The Toro Power Max 726OE

Toro 826 Power Max 826 LE

Features the Pmax auger which recycles excess snow back to the auger thereby increasing impeller velocity and snow throwing capability. It has an electric start or recoil grip starter. Its chute allows for easy operation with a single control. Around $1,100

Toro Power Max 826 OXE

The Toro Power Max OXE has an electric start and an interlocking operation for one-handed operation and fuel shut off. Its redesigned chute and funnel eradicates snow build up. It comes with an extended 3 yr warranty and is priced at $1,300.00.

Toro Power Max 828 LXE

With power wheels this can clear a path of snow and ice to 14î deep and 28î wide and throw a distance of 45ft. Suitable for inclines and gravel driveways, can handle large areas of medium to heavy snow.Priced around $1,300.

Toro Power Max 828 OXE

Similar spec to the 826OXE. Is powered by an 8hp 4 cycle engine and features the PowerMax auger system. It includes a ‘quick stick’ control which allows a simultaneous change of chute direction and deflection with a single action. $1,500.00.

Toro Power Max 1028 OXE

Similar to the 828OXE, has an electric start and fuel shut off valve. It features ‘free-wheel steering’, making steering, turning and reversing easy. It has an 11hp OHV 4 cycle engine. It clears 55 tons of snow per hour. A lot of machine for $1,700.00.

Toro Power Max 1128 OXE

Similar to the 1028OXE, features an interlock system allowing one handed operation and chute control and speed change with the other hand. Also features a pivoting scraper, which scrapes front and back and has 6 forward speeds, plus reverse. $1900.00.

Summing up

If you are looking at the ‘small and convenient’ end of the snow blower market, a Toro electric snow blower like the Power Curve will do a good job for you. If you need power, strength and versatility, the Power Max range may fit the bill. What’s more, if you are looking for something in between, then Toro probably has that too.

Within the diverse range of Toro snow blowers and Toro snow throwers there’s bound to be at least one machine that will suit your requirements.

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